let natural timber be your inspiration

During the 1980s, Kings successfully developed a wood bonding and surface coating system that was suitable for solid wood countertops. At the time, wooden benchtops were fashionable, but few joiners were able to manufacture tops that were resilient enough to cope with the wear and tear, as well as heat and moisture of a kitchen.

The new Kings G4 Timbertop resin coating enhanced and protected the timber grain, providing customers with countertops that were not only resilient -- they looked stunning. With architects and kitchen suppliers across the country specifying them for their clients, Kings decided in 1992 to concentrate on the manufacture of G4 Timbertops.  

Since then, Kings have continued to make advances in the performance of its G4 Timbertops, which are found in bars, reception areas, kitchens and bathrooms across the country. The G4 surface treatment has also been applied to a new product line, Kings Waiariki wooden basins.

The performance of G4 Timbertops is demonstrated here.


chemically resistant

Highly acid and solvent proof. The resin is impervious to all household chemicals, beetroot juice, bleaches, caustic soda and colour concentrates.


heat resistant

The finish is heat-resistant to 150ºC. Most pots and pans can be placed directly on the surface with no effect, but heat-resistant areas are recommended against accidental scorching by very hot pans or cooking implements.


easily cleaned

Spillages can be cleaned with normal cleaners. Stubborn stains can be removed with fine steel wool and methylated spirits. A wax dressing restores the original gloss.


impact resistant

The surface molecules of softer timbers, such as macrocarpa, are densified during G4 Timbertop manufacture by the application of a special primer. The resin surface is also flexible, which means that when a heavy article is dropped, it is unlikely to break the surface, even though it may cause slight denting.



Heavy ruptures to the G4 surface can be repaired by filling and polishing.


specially designed formula

The G4 Timbertop finish works well with the varying cellular structures of the 40 timbers in Kings standard range and provided excellent durability. The high-sheen, low-gloss polished finish is highly appealing.


performance tested

Kings in-house testing of the G4 Timbertop resin finish during its development is your assurance that your Kings G4 Timbertop will perform to specification.